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The mobile is already the most widely used digital device on the planet and mobile adoption rates are still growing exponentially.

Mobile technology, networks and users have now come of age and we now stand of the brink of the m-commerce age.

These changes present both a huge challenge and a huge opportunity for companies in the Travel sector.
MMG is uniquely positioned to offer a variety of services and solutions that enable organizations in the travel sector to address the challenges of changing technology, maximize their operational efficiency and generate new revenue streams. Our solutions address common requirements across the sector, such as managing last minute inventory, but can also be tailored to a company’s individual requirements including:

MMG offers these capabilities with unprecedented access across English speaking territories, operating in the U.K., Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Caribbean, Ireland and USA and throughout the world via our extensive operator partnerships. This enables customers to expand their businesses knowing that MMG can support them with mobile and voice billing, technology and on-the-ground support.

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