SMS Short Codes

Five-digit SMS Short Codes have proven to be a huge marketing success over the past few years thanks to their memorability and convenience.

SMS Short Codes have been widely used on print advertising, TV and radio advertising, on marketing promotional literature, on-pack marketing and on outdoor advertising.

In the UK Short Codes are common to all major UK mobile phone operators, i.e. one short code can be used cross network. SMS Short Codes have many uses including enabling consumers to:

Our Premium Rate services include:

Typically the consumer sending an SMS to a Short Code pays a cost to send the SMS. However, now Free SMS is also available to help brands maximize their response to a campaign. This is the SMS equivalent of free phone. Sending the SMS to respond to any given offer is free to the end user and is paid for by the brand, thereby encouraging greater response.

SMS Short Codes have a number of advantages over traditional advertising and marketing methods:

Short Codes can also be used for MMS, Voice and Video services – See Cross Network Short Codes


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