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Mobile Marketing is one of the fastest growing areas of the advertising market globally and becoming a major part of the communication strategy of many companies and brands.

Not only is mobile penetration typically high throughout most of the developed world; mobile has the convenience factor of being available anytime, anyplace anywhere, always on, allowing instant responses to a call to action. The mobile is also a truly personal device, allowing personalization of marketing messages to a specific user as well as easy tracking and measurement of user responses.

. 88% of UK Adults own a Mobile Phone

. Over 5 Billion Texts sent every Month in the UK

. 97% of messages are opened immediately

. 580% growth in mobile marketing is predicted over the next 5 years

Let MMG help you take control of your Mobile Communication Channel

MMG connects your business to people through the creative use of the mobile channel.

Our Mobile Marketing Platform is a feature rich; fully scale able, carrier & enterprise grade solution for creating and managing interactive mobile services and marketing campaigns.

Campaigns can either be managed by clients or by MMG staff, but our platform is designed as self-serve for clients to be fully independent

Platform Features include:

What Types of Applications can be supported?

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