Advanced HLR Lookup

Rachel Aldighieri, Head of Marketing and Communications at the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), says:

"Recent DMA research highlights the power of mobile with almost half of consumers responding to mobile advertising going on to make some kind of purchase, making it integral to the business and marketing plans of every organisation. However, for mobile marketing to be truly successful, businesses need to build trust in the medium through accurate targeting and implementing comprehensive data security measures. In creating a product that adheres to DMA best practice guidelines, MMG is able to provide peace of mind to its customers while building trust in the medium."

Our online platform provides Advanced HLR Lookup information as standard, on mobile numbers, including the Live Status, Network and Porting Information.

MMG operates a Direct SS7 network connection, ensuring fast delivery of lookup reports.

The Secure MMG Platform, complies with DMA Codes of Practice and the Data Protection Act 1998, ensuring all databases are secure.  Your unique login and enables you to schedule and run your HLR Reports to your needs.

There are no minimum order volumes, you can check the status on just One Number if required. However the Platform has the ability to run vast quantities of lookups simultaneously.

HLR Lookup Information returned as standard:

Live Status
Serving HLR
Original Network Name
Ported Network Name
Roaming Country Code
Roaming Network Name
Original network name
Original Country Code
Original Country Prefix
Is number ported
Roaming Network Prefix
Roaming Country Prefix
Is number Correct.

The HLR Lookup is an ideal solution for MNP Issues,  Fraud Prevention, and accurate consumer marketing, either telemarketing or SMS, ensuring the Mobile Number is both current and live.


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